Reports – ‘Barth’s Doctrine of Justification’

Bruce L. McCormack, Foreword. PTS-PThU Consultation, 2 – 5 September 2012, Driebergen, Netherlands 5

Hans van Loon, Summaries of Articles in ZDTh SS 6 8

Markus Matthias, ‘Lutheran’ Christology in Barth’s doctrine of Justification 12

Christophe Chalamet, Karl Holl’s Interpretation of Luther’s Doctrine of Justification in the Context of Modern Protestant Theology 33

Rinse H. Reeling Brouwer, ”Nowadays We are not Dealing with Pelagians in our Churches”. Karl Barth and the Janus face of the Doctrine of Justification in the current of ‘Reasonable Orthodoxy’ 57

Paul T. Nimmo, Reforming simul iustus et peccator: Karl Barth and the ‘Actualisation’ of the Doctrine of Justification 91

John G. Flett, Justification contra Mission: The Isolation of Justification in the History of Reconciliation 105

Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte, A New Perspective on Justification. Recent Developments in the Study of Paul  128

George Hunsinger, Justification: Ninety-Four Theses 153

Katherine Sonderegger, Divine Justice and Justification 164

Jan Muis, Justification and the Justice of God. Barth’s View 177

Cornelis van der Kooi, Justification and public justice. Barth’s ‘Rechtfertigung und Recht’ reconsidered 195

Particulars 210

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